The quality of life depends on what you eat.

Each of us has some talents or weaknesses or even oddities which may become the basis for creativity and make us search for new paths. The idea of "Krippu" crackers came up at a time when their creator discovered she has cow's milk protein intolerance, so she had to look for alternative ways to ingest protein that is so necessary for the body. It is well known that legumes are a valuable source of protein, so she started to wonder how to prepare them as a snack that she could easily pick up when going to work or give to her children. Finally, the experiments succeeded resulting in a healthy snack made of natural ingredients with no artificial additives.

No allergens.

Given that the problems caused by a variety of food allergies are affecting more and more people, "Krippu" creator decided to start a company so that she could offer a newly developed product to others. Thereby JOLLE Ltd. was founded – the company that produces high-quality, nutritious pea snacks. In order to ensure that during the manufacturing process the product does not come into touch with any kind of allergen new equipment was ordered specially for producing "Krippu". We guarantee that "Krippu" crackers do not contain traces of gluten, milk, eggs, sesame seeds, nuts, soybeans, nor any other allergens. Thus, they are suitable for people with allergies, for vegetarians and vegans but also for any person who wants to enrich their daily lives with a healthy and delicious snack.


"Krippu" masterclass for gluten-free summer camps’ children

Gluten-free sandwiches

gulten-free sandwiches

In the summer of 2017, the Latvian Society of Celiac Disease Patients "Life without Gluten" organized two children without gluten for children, who have to follow a strict gluten-free diet daily.

 SIA "JOLLE" donated crunchy peas' crackers "Krippu" to both camps and provided masterclass in camps which took place in in Jelgava region Dzirnieki. The aim of masterclass was to teach children how to make healthy and delicious snacks on our crackers basis.

 Children tasted, smelled and learned about components of peas' crackers "Krippu". Kids tried to find out what’s the difference between classic “Krippu” and version with chili. That was a good reason to discuss about different herbs and introduce with some of them. Children smelled and tasted the herbs oregano, dill, coriander. The most interesting part followed: snack making with “Krippu” themselves.

Guys came up with butter mixed with herbs and greens, another group of kids made delicious “Krippu” crackers with avocado, white radish and tomatoes. The main thing was to deliciously decorate them afterwards.

Children were surprised and delighted by opportunity to prepare the hemp butter themselves and to try how good it goes together with “Krippu” crackers. Some girls were especially delighted making the pink soft creamer themselves.

Great and so rewarding day for both – children and “Krippu” people!

Celiac disease is a serious case, and especially for children, it's not easy to follow a gluten-free diet routine.  We were delighted that we can introduce children to the delicious gluten-free “Krippu” and encourage them to try a variety of simple, healthy and gluten-free recipes.


‘JOLLE Ltd.’ – developing the production process of a new healthy snack

A company developed a new allergen free healthy snack and used RDP support to set up the commercial production process.

Project summary: 

The goal of this project was to set up the commercial production process of a new healthy diet food developed in the laboratory.

The project covered the construction, rebuilding and renovation of the factory building in accordance to the previously defined specifications.

In addition the project included the purchase and installation of the production line and the supply line. The supply line set up took place last because the production of the machine could be completed only when the rest of the production line was installed. In total, 17 different companies were involved in the implementation of the project.

 Project results: 

The new product got introduced in the market under the brand KRIPPU.

The new generation of snacks is crisp, rich and healthy, which is a good alternative for salty snacks, confectionery and traditional flour products.

Full project description  https://enrd.ec.europa.eu/projects-practice/jolle-ltd-developing-production-process-new-healthy-snack_en

Post date:  12/07/2017